Ons Jabeur stressed about her goal

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Ons Jabeur stressed about her goal

Tunisian tennis player Ons Jabeur is often asked the same question: "Ons, when is the top 10?". To date, she is number 16 in the world and the finish line seems to be now visible in her eyes. Just two years ago she was out of the top 50.

The seasonal path of the native tennis player of Ksar El Hellar, moreover, legitimizes her position in the standings: in the 17 tournaments played she left the scene in the first round only at the Olympic Games of Tokyo. 2021 also gave her the joy of her first career WTA title won on the grass of the 250 in Birmingham and the quarter-finals at Wimbledon, where she becomes the first Tunisian player to achieve such a result, among other things never even hit.

from male colleagues. The path of Jabeur continues regularly and with the desired results, who yesterday passed the American Pegula 1-6 6-2 6-3 qualifying for the quarter-finals of the WTA 500 in Chicago.

Jabeur: "The top 10 goal is really stressing me out"

Winning in comeback on the American Pegula, Ons Jabeur said she was enthusiastic about the result.

However, the programming of the WTA 500 in Chicago - which kicks off at 9 am local time - is forcing her to radically change her habits, as she explained to Tennis.com: "I think the last time I was got up at 05:30 in the morning was in pre-season, to catch a flight, never to play a game!

But I can't complain at all, I just have to adapt and do every routine an hour earlier than usual, including going to bed or whatever meals. " After an easy first round in which she conceded the crumbs to the Taiwanese Hsieh (6-1 6-0), Jabeur admitted that with the Pegula she had to work harder: "Whether it's 09:00 in the morning or 17:00 in the afternoon, taking on Jessica is always a tough test, so I'm glad I picked up the pace in time, before it was too late.

I started to move better, I found the solutions I was looking for and that's why I won. I think I learned a lot from that game especially in focusing better in games with 30-0 on my serve. Against Jessica, even though you are leading 40-0, you always think she can somehow turn the tables, so that day I started playing more on the defensive and it was a big mistake.

I am happy to have learned this time and to have closed things in my favor." Finally, the question of her questions, turned almost to exhaustion, the one about her greatest goal: "At this stage of the season I am always very tired, it is also difficult to find motivation after having given everything during the year.

I had a great goal, but it's really stressing me out, especially when I think there are many players who share that goal and are hungry to achieve it. If it comes, I'll be happy; if it does not arrive, it will be a sign that I need some time away from the field to take care of my body and prepare for 2022."

Ons Jabeur