Gael Monfils: Matteo Berrettini adapts like nobody to any surface

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Gael Monfils: Matteo Berrettini adapts like nobody to any surface

French tennis star Gael Monfils has acknowledged that Matteo Berrettini has established himself as one the best players on the Tour. Berrettini, who is enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 7 in the world, drew lots of attention to his name when he made the US Open semifinal in 2019.

Back then, Berrettini edged out Monfils in five sets in the US Open quarterfinal. "It's amazing what they are doing. Since Berrettini reached the semifinals of the US Open 2019, he took off. He has become a very solid tennis player.

For two and a half years he has not only been among the top ten players in the world, but he has been settled in the top-8 without any problem. He adapts like nobody to any surface and that is very admirable," Monfils told Ubitennis.

Monfils also spoke highly about Jannik Sinner

Sinner -- another very talented player from Italy -- is also enjoying a career-high ranking as he sits at No. 14 in the world. "As for Sinner, I met him very young and he beat me without problems in Antwerp.

He plays very well, is very fast and hits very Hit the ball well. He does everything right. I don't know which of the two is better, but I'm sure both are going to be even stronger in the not too distant future. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw them both play one day a Grand Slam final against each other.

Matteo has already played one and Sinner has the potential to do so," Monfils added. Monfils admits he is impressed with what Sinner has achieved at the age of 20. "Jannik is 20 years old. He has had tremendous results for his age.

He played a Masters 1000 final in Miami, he won the ATP 500 Washington. He is just outside the top-10, but he plays in an incredible way," Monfils added.