Seyboth Wild on allegations of violence: "It's all false"

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Seyboth Wild on allegations of violence: "It's all false"

We all know the affair between Olga Sharypova and Alexander Zverev. The German's former-girlfriend spoke clearly of domestic violence, both physical and psychological. According to Sharypova's claims, it all degenerated during the US Open 2019.

"I was beaten and I won't be silent. The first time was at the beginning of our relationship, we had a fight and he hit my head. against the wall so hard that I fell to the ground. What happened then? I was accused of raising my arm against him.

Why have I forgiven him? I can't answer this question. I really loved him and I wanted a relationship with him. I thought it was a mistake and that we could work on it to leave it in the past, but the only thing I had to leave in the past was this relationship."

Although Zverev has always reiterated his extraneousness to the facts, the case still continues to shake the public opinion and to raise concerns within the circuit.

Seyboth Wild responds to ex-wife's allegations

In fact, in the last few hours, a new player had to defend himself from the heavy statements made by his former-wife.

This is the Brazilian Thiago Seyboth Wild, who was accused by Thayane Lima of physical and psychological violence. "Without my realizing it, he made me change my lifestyle. I couldn't have any cleavage, I couldn't even go to the beach.

He wanted to completely change me. He also wanted to change my political views and my accent," Lima told Universo Online. Seyboth Wild entrusted his answer to a recent interview. "Even though we are all far from perfect, I am happy to announce that the claims made by my ex-wife are totally false, fabricated and vengeful.

They do not in any way reflect my character, my values ​​and my way of acting." The Brazilian is now being investigated by the Rio de Janeiro police, who decided to investigate the case immediately after Thayane Lima's statements.