Dominic Thiem: I hope six or seven good years will follow after long injury break

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Dominic Thiem: I hope six or seven good years will follow after long injury break

World No. 8 Dominic Thiem is hoping to return in 2022 fully refreshed and to have strong six or seven years. Thiem, 28, suffered a season-ending wrist surgery at the Mallorca Open in June and this is the biggest break he has had in his career.

“The last few years I've demanded everything from my body anyway, and it never really let me down. I trained hard and never had anything. Now I'm just unlucky for the first time in my career with an injury. The past six years have been amazing, better than I dreamed of.

Now I'm having a bad year, but hopefully six, seven good years will follow," Thiem said, per We Love Tennis.

Thiem revealed an unfortunate mistake forced him to end the year

"As most of you know, a few months ago I decided to make some changes to my team structure.

This was all announced and we are happy with the changes we made. These changes didn't affect my core competition team which has remained the same throughout," Thiem said in a statement posted on his social media. "Unfortunately as you all know, I picked up a freak injury in the build up to Wimbledon.

I worked hard with the wrist specialists and my team to agree the best recovery plan. In hindisght, during this recovery process, an unfortunate mistake resulted in me missing not only the US Open, but ultimately the rest of the season."

Thiem was called out by his former physiotherapist Alex Stober and that's when he decided to go public. "I would have loved to have kept this issue private but following some disappointing stories in the media, I have decided that is is important that I share my side of the story and will be addressing the media in due course," Thiem added.

"We have already moved on but I hope this will allow me to draw a line under the experience and let me focus on getting back to full fitness in order to start playing again as soon as possible."