Bertolucci on Sinner: "How can you criticize a 20 year-old no.14?"

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Bertolucci on Sinner: "How can you criticize a 20 year-old no.14?"

"Roger Federer is tennis, we are all Federians, but the Djokovic of 2013 and of the last year and a half is the strongest player ever. He and Rafael Nadal are capable of keeping mental and competitive rhythms that I would not have managed even five minutes."

It was Paolo Bertolucci tos ay it. The protagonist of the Italian victory in Davis in 1976 (obviously together with Adriano Panatta and Corrado Barazzutti) and today a historical Italian voice of tennis, during a very long interview with the Corriere del Veneto dug into the drawer of memories and obviously paused on current events.

Especially that of Italian tennis. "Matteo Berrettini has been top ten for two years. Jannik Sinner is nearby and Lorenzo Musetti can get there. We haven't had players of this level in decades. The criticisms of Sinner? But how can you criticize someone who is 14 of the world at 20-year-old? At that age, many still pick their noses, or have their mother prepare the soup," he said.

Bertolucci on Sinner: "How can you criticize a 20 year-old no.14?"

From the round of 16 reached on the red brick of Bois de Boulogne, Lorenzo Musetti has only won two of the eight games he has played. A certified sign of a crisis to which he has not yet managed to find a solution.

"Technically superior to Sinner, but he is Italian in all respects and it will be necessary to understand if he has the same hunger. Maybe it will have even more, but to date I can't say it because I don't know, but in Sinner you can already see hunger.

If I were him right now I would play fewer tournaments and take more care of the preparation. The boy does not yet have an adequate physical displacement. Then in tennis he also counts on finding the right woman. In a tennis made of'muscles, Bertolucci somehow managed to find the poetry that characterized the seventies and eighties.

"There is still. Shapovalov is someone who amuses, I like him a lot, even if he pisses me off because he spoils everything and doesn't win. In fact, if I were his coach, or a fan of him, he would drive me crazy; but as a tennis“voyeur as I define myself, I admire him," he explained