Christian Ruud breaks down improvements son Casper has made in 2021

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Christian Ruud breaks down improvements son Casper has made in 2021

Christian Ruud believes his son Casper has made many improvements this year and it's all showing on the court. Ruud, 22, has won five ATP titles this year and he is enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 10 in the world.

After Wimbledon, Ruud claimed three consecutive titles in as many weeks. Last week, Ruud earned his fifth title of the season after beating Cameron Norrie in the San Diego Open final. “He's matured and understands the game better.

He's also improved his forehand and serve and that's why he's winning more matches. Now that he has won several titles, his confidence has increased and he is able to win more matches. Everything is a little better every year," Christian said of Casper.

Ruud enjoyed playing in front of Rod Laver

Former world No. 1 Laver was in the house for the Ruud and Norrie final in San Diego. Ruud was motivated to put up a great performance in front of Laver and he did so as he destroyed Norrie 6-0 6-2.

"Special thanks to Rod, obviously the legend. I think you need to come to all my matches now because I'm playing really good when you come and watch," Ruud said during the trophy ceremony. "I hope you will come to Indian Wells next week to watch, so let's see [what happens there]!" Ruud won a tour-leading fifth title of the season in San Diego as he now has one more title in 2021 than Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev and Alexander Zverev.

"It's a fun thing to say it, but obviously Daniil and Novak have bigger titles, so I wouldn't mind switching up with them if I had an opportunity to switch five 250s to three Slams and a 250 Novak has. It's a bit higher level, but that's fine.

I think that's more impressive obviously than five 250s, but I will take it," Ruud said, cracking a laugh. "It would be fun to end the year with the most titles, I cannot lie about that."