Kelicic: "Emma Raducanu can be a superstar"

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Kelicic: "Emma Raducanu can be a superstar"

2021 presented the extraordinary talent of Emma Raducanu to the tennis world. The young British star, just 18 year- old, managed to win the US Open starting from the qualifying rounds. Moreover, she did it without losing a single set not even in the final against the other rising star of women's tennis Leylah Fernandez.

In Flushing Meadows, Raducanu screamed her name at the top of her voice so that everyone could hear it and her New Yorker success allowed her to jump from 150th to 22nd position in the WTA ranking. The person who is Emma, ​​who inevitably moves to the court, represents the recipe for her success.

A mix of technique and skills deriving from her education received from her family make her a present and future protagonist of tennis, as explained by her former coach Roman Kelicic.

Kelicic: "Emma has the potential to be a superstar"

Emma Raducanu was first and foremost shaped by her family.

The origins of her mother and father, respectively Chinese and Romanian, and the education made up of precise rules to be respected by them, which she received led them to impart it to her daughter as well. It is this aspect that, together with the technical teachings of her coaches, have forged the young British tennis player.

Roman Kelicic, her former coach who followed her from 14 to 16 years, spoke about her: "She Surely she has the potential to be a superstar. I think now the strength of her education will come to the fore. Her father is Romanian, her mother is Chinese, there has been no relaxation in her growth.

The rules are known and the rules are followed. She has hardened, she is extremely strong psychologically. I don't think you will have that destiny of players who shine and then are nowhere to be found. She is simply destined for success.

Her time is yet to come, and as her greatest virtue, I identify a strong head." Returning to the facts of the court, the first appearance on the Raducanu circuit will be at the next Indian Wells at the start in three days, a tournament in which she will be present thanks to a wild-card.