Yaroslava Shvedova recalls winning golden set against Sara Errani at Wimbledon

Shvedova achieved the golden set feat at Wimbledon in 2012.

by Dzevad Mesic
Yaroslava Shvedova recalls winning golden set against Sara Errani at Wimbledon

Former Kazakh tennis player Yaroslava Shvedova claims she realized just at the start of the second set that she had won a golden set against Sara Errani at Wimbledon. In 2012, Shvedova came out firing against No. 10 seed Errani, winning the first set without a dropped point.

Only a handful of players have managed to achieve the golden set feat in the Open Era and Shvedova has it in her resume. Errani competed much well in the second set but it didn't lead to a comeback as Shvedova won 6-0 6-4.

“I don’t remember the song, but I was listening to music and felt footloose, and the coach was telling me what to do and how to play,” Shvedova told the WTA website. “Everything was going well and I was feeling so great.

I was flying on the court. But I never realized it was going only one way, because after each point … her coach and her team were clapping to cheer her up. “When I won the set, we started the second set and on the first point I made an easy mistake, a silly mistake, and everyone started to clap.

I was [wondering] why people were so excited about a silly mistake. After I was going through these emotions, I realized it was her first point”.

Shvedova called it a career

Last week, 2010 Wimbledon doubles champion Yaroslava Shvedova called it a career at the Astana Open in Nur-Sultan.

A ceremony was held for Shvedova, the new Billie Jean King Cup team captain of Kazakhstan. “It was an unbelievable ceremony,” she said. “Before I stepped in, everyone was asking, ‘Are you nervous?’ I was saying, ‘No.

I am super relaxed and super happy.’ “But as soon as I stepped in, I started having tears, seeing people around and understanding that they all came to support me and enjoy my moments from the past."

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