Bianca Andreescu shares advice to young successful players

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Bianca Andreescu shares advice to young successful players

Canadian tennis star Bianca Andreescu has advised young successful players to stay "grateful" because you can lose it all in a split second. Andreescu, 21, captured her maiden Grand Slam title at the age of 19 after beating Serena Williams in the 2019 US Open final.

Andreescu, ranked at No. 21 in the world, is set to defend her Indian Wells Masters title. Andreescu won her maiden Masters title in Indian Wells two years ago but she is set to defend her title now since the event was cancelled in 2020.

"Always remain grateful, even if you’re having huge success, because it can all be taken away from you in a split second,” Andreescu told reporters, as quoted on Tennishead. “For me, it was being injured right after (winning the U.S.

Open). That was really hard for me. I felt like I didn’t savour it as much. That’s one thing that I learned now that I wish I did back then”.

Andreescu insists hard work, staying humble and grateful are keys to success

This year's US Open final featured 1-8year-old Emma Raducanu and 19-year-old Leylah Fernandez.

"Don’t let it go too much to your head,” Andreescu said. “Stay confident, obviously, but don’t become stuck up. Stay humble, remain grateful and continue to work hard because as everyone says, it’s easy to get to the top.

But staying at the top, that’s the hardest part. “The main thing this year for me was to stop looking in the past because that’s what I was doing a lot and that’s what was ruining me. “I would always say, ‘Oh I want to play like I did back in 2019.

Why am I not playing like I used to? “But I had to switch that mindset and start focusing on the present moment, because the past is the past”.