Emma Raducanu reveals her US Open highlight

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Emma Raducanu reveals her US Open highlight

Emma Raducanu, 18, absolutely enjoyed returning to the hotel following her US Open victory and just sitting with her team, enjoying a nice meal and reflecting on the three weeks they had at Flushing Meadows. Raducanu, who was ranked at No.

150 at the time, won three qualifying matches and seven main draw matches to become the first qualifier in tennis history to win a Grand Slam. To make it all even more impressive, Raducanu didn't drop a set in her 10 matches played at the US Open.

"The highlight for me still and always will be (was) on the night I won...when we went back to a hotel and it was just me and the team, having a really nice meal and chatting and reflecting on the past three weeks," Raducanu said of her US Open experience and celebrations, per Tennis Majors.

Raducanu described her US Open victory as an 'absolute dream'

"I mean, it's an absolute dream. You just have visions of yourself going up to the box, hugging everyone, I mean, celebrating. That's something that you always think of, you always work for," Raducanu said after winning the US Open.

"For that moment to actually happen, yeah, I'm just so grateful for my team that are here with me, the team that are back home, the LTA, every single person who supported me along this journey." Raducanu always dreamed of winning a Grand Slam but when it happened she couldn't believe it.

"Yeah, the visions I had, they were from pretty early on, I would say. I've always dreamed of winning a Grand Slam. You just say these things. You say, I want to win a Grand Slam. But to have the belief I did, and actually executing, winning a Grand Slam, I can't believe it," Raducanu admitted.

Raducanu, who is enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 22 in the world, is set to return to action at the Indian Wells Masters.