John McEnroe on Naomi Osaka and mental health

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John McEnroe on Naomi Osaka and mental health

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka is undoubtedly one of the most important tennis players on the women's Tour. Her 2021 had started well with her victory at the Australian Open but from that moment the situation worsened with the Japanese struggling with mental health problems that forced her to retire from the Roland Garros.

Initially, Osaka had only decided to skip the press conferences, but after the numerous controversies she directly chose to leave the Parisian tournament. The situation regarding mental health problems this year was a major problem for the athletes and also involved the American gymnast Simona Biles, forced to announce her retirement from the Tokyo Olympics to safeguard her mental well-being.

John McEnroe's words about Naomi Osaka and Simona Biles

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, former men's tennis legend John McEnroe seemed to agree that with the advent of the pandemic, daily pressures can make things difficult for anyone.

Here are his words: "Since the events of Simona Biles and John McEnroe arrived we hear more and more about mental health. The pandemic, this unprecedented event, which happens once every 100 years or even, these things can be overwhelming beyond to look for the fact that mental health is the key to everything.

All you can do is try to live the best you can." McEnroe then went on to say that for men it is different because it is stereotyped and they have to be harder: "I think of myself and I must say that I have often hidden behind the fact that the males must not cry and I expressed anger and not vulnerability.

Tennis and all that is changing, these traditions are changing and it's a slow process." McEnroe has already agreed with Naomi Osaka in the past and found himself on her side when it came to responding and criticizing the press, which he it also happened to him in his youth.

We have to recall that Naomi will likely come back ont he court from the next season, starting form the Australian Open 2022, where she will defend the title won last season. But they are some few chences to see her also for some year-end events.