John Millman: "Australian Open 2022? It's unthinkable"

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John Millman: "Australian Open 2022? It's unthinkable"

The next edition of the Australian Open, more than three months from the start, has already entered the eye of the storm. There are two main problems that the organizers of the first Grand Slam of the year will have to solve as soon as possible.

The first is linked to the decision taken by the Victorian government, which imposed the vaccination obligation for about one million workers, including professional athletes. Considering that, according to some reliable sources, at least half of the players of the major circuit would not have received the vaccine, the consequences of this imposition could have strong repercussions.

Daniel Andrews, Premier of the State of Victoria, explained: "I do not issue visas or passports, but I think it is highly unlikely that the Commonwealth government will allow anyone who is not fully vaccinated to enter Australia, certainly in the medium term.

This could change over time."

John Millman: "Australian Open 2022? It's unthinkable"

We remind you that it is not yet clear whether this solution will also be extended to athletes from abroad or from other Australian states.

The second problem concerns the quarantine period that tennis players will have to respect before being able to circulate freely in Australia; a period that could last several weeks. John Millman, one of the best Australian tennis players of the moment, strongly criticized the measures imposed by his country and raised the alarm.

"To enter Australia you have to wait at least five weeks and serve another 15 days of quarantine," Millman explained in an interview with the team. "It is unthinkable. Furthermore, the price of airline tickets is rising more and more, because there are very few people authorized to enter Australia."

According to local media reports, Craig TIley, director of the Austrlian Open, would be carrying out important negotiations with the government to allow the tournament to run smoothly and protect the athletes. Not training for 15 days and then participating in one of the most important events of the Tour is not the best.