Garbine Muguruza: Very refreshing to have Indian Wells at this part of year

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Garbine Muguruza: Very refreshing to have Indian Wells at this part of year

World No. 6 Garbine Muguruza is happy to have the Indian Wells Masters staged at this part of the season as she has indicated that she is not really a big fan of the Asian swings. This year's Asian swing was cancelled due to the pandemic and the Indian Wells Masters was scheduled for October.

"I feel it's very refreshing to have this tournament now. Other times we usually have to have longer swings and travel to different places and different jet lag. In my case, I just stretched the US Open series until here and not having just to go back to Europe, go back to Asia.

I just stayed here and it doesn't feel weird," Muguruza said, per the WTA website. Muguruza is sixth on the Race to the WTA Finals and she is excited to have season-ending event staged in Mexico. "I'm very excited that they're doing the Finals in Mexico and they're giving an opportunity to Latin America to host such a big event," Venezuala-born Muguruza said, per the WTA website.

"I'm all in for it. I hope that develops more interest in tennis over there."

Muguruza really wants to do well in Guadalajara

"It's already exciting that there's going to be a Masters there whether I'm playing or not, but I want to be there," Muguruza said.

"It gives me extra motivation to do everything I can in these last few tournaments and yeah, let's see. "In my experiences and every time I played there the crowd is so invested, in any sport. They're so happy there's an event in their country and you can feel the support.

It's full of people and they're really cheering for you and that's something that I've personally seen at other tournaments that doesn't happen, and they're as big as the Masters. "I know that Mexico and Latin countries will not disappoint in that aspect. They're going to be, like, fire there."