Stubbs: "It's harder for Serena Williams to control her mind"

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Stubbs: "It's harder for Serena Williams to control her mind"

Serena Williams is currently the active tennis player with the most Grand Slam titles obtained, as many as 23: a truly exclusive record and never achieved by anyone for men and only by Margaret Smith Court for women, which stopped at 24.

The American, who reached 40 year-old two weeks ago, still does not want to quit tennis and wants to give herself the latest satisfactions in the WTA Tour. A 2021 season of adjustment regarding the seven-time Wimbledon winner, who has missed the last two prestigious Major appointments to fully recover from a hamstring problem.

The American will try to get back super competitive in 2022, in search of the much desired 24th Grand Slam title, to enter her legend. The physical condition, which caused especially difficulties in moving around the court, was the week point for the athlete born in 1981, who has only touched the finish line in recent years.

The considerations of the former tennis player

Over the course of the latest podcast, titled: The GOAT: Serena, Rennae Stubbs expressed her thoughts about Serena: "The main thing is that she loves to win. She loves to represent the United States and the same with Venus.

I think he just wants to win and have that passion. When they were on a team together it was the best thing in the world, to push each other and be as good as they were in the Olympics. Now it's harder for her to control her mind, which is trying to realize the greatest feat of breaking Margaret Court record.

Rennae then concluded: She is not getting younger, as you get older, you know the importance of every single year. Physically it's not easy, it just gets harder. It is now difficult to dominate a Grand Slam, in all seven games.

The depth of women's tennis is much broader than it was 30 years ago." Serena will come back on the court in 2022, with Roger Federer and Rafael: also the two great rival should be present for the beginnin of te next seson, maybe starting from the Australian Open.