Belinda Bencic on WTA Finals in Guadalajara: I wouldn't mind if we played on the Moon

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Belinda Bencic on WTA Finals in Guadalajara: I wouldn't mind if we played on the Moon

World No. 10 Belinda Bencic absolutely has no problems with the WTA Finals being staged in Mexico as she insists she would play the WTA Finals even if it was held on the Moon. The entire Asian swing was called off due to the coronavirus pandemic so the WTA Finals won't be staged in Shenzhen this year.

Unfortunately for Bencic, she is 17th on the Race to the WTA Finals and she likely won't participate at the season-ending event this year. “I would be very happy to make it to the top eight in the Race,” Bencic said, per Tennishead.

“I wouldn’t mind if we played on the Moon! It might be a little bit different to usual [in Guadalajara], but when I played in the last WTA Finals in Shenzhen I found the conditions were very special. It was the slowest court I’ve ever played on”.

Bencic admits it would take her time to adjust to playing in Guadalajara

“If I get to Guadalajara it will probably be the highest altitude I’ve ever played at, so it will just be different,” Bencic continued.

“We’re tennis players. We always have to adapt to different conditions. Every week it might look very similar on TV, but it’s not. We’re used to always having to adapt”. Last month, coach Craig Tyzzer indicated that world No.

1 Ashleigh Barty could skip the WTA Finals over ridiculous conditions in Guadalajara. "We only just found out it's in Mexico at 1500 metres (above sea level) and they're using pressure-less balls," Tyzzer told AAP. "Pressure-less balls absolutely fly.

It's a ball that if you use it in normal conditions, it doesn't bounce. "I mean, it's not the greatest advertisement for the best girls in the world to be playing something they've never done before. "In conditions they've never played, in a country they don't play and at altitude, I just feel it's ridiculous. "As a spectacle, it's just frightening."