Anett Kontaveit gives simple explanation when asked how she hired Dmitry Tursunov

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Anett Kontaveit gives simple explanation when asked how she hired Dmitry Tursunov

World No. 20 Anett Kontaveit suggested it was easy hiring Dmitry Tursunov since she was looking for a coach and he was looking for a job. Tursunov, a former world No. 20, started working with Kontaveit at the Cincinnati Masters.

Kontaveit lost her opener in Cincinnati and that pushed her to a five-match losing streak. After that, Kontaveit started playing much better as she made it all the way in Cleveland and Chicago. "I was looking for a coach and I suppose he was looking for a job, so that's how it happened," Kontaveit said when asked how she found to Tursunov, per Chris Oddo.

Kontaveit, Tursunov have had a successful partnership so far

Tursunov didn't want to change Kontaveit's game but rather make some changes to how she uses her game. "She's a bit more aggressive, and I think that's a kind of built-in trait.

I felt she has this internal aggression in her game, suppressed in some way and that's what I felt she should tap into," Tursunov told at Indian Wells. "So, I wanted to bring that aggressive Anett on court more, and just work on the things that can give her the confidence to be aggressive.

"If you try to be aggressive but don't have anything that supports it, you just get erratic and hit balls into the back fence." Tursunov is confident that he is a good coach for Kontaveit. "I'd like to think this is a big part of why I'm here, but it's not up to me to decide," Tursunov said.

"I feel like I'm doing a good job. I used to be afraid of saying that. I act like an idiot and sometimes I enjoy acting like an idiot, but I really know what I'm talking about and I'm passionate about it. "I feel like there's a lot of players who could improve and they're not improving."