Maria Sakkari explains what led to her having career-best season in 2021

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Maria Sakkari explains what led to her having career-best season in 2021

Greek tennis star Maria Sakkari credits good scheduling and good decisions made by her coach for her best on the season. Sakkari, 26, made semifinals at the French Open and US Open this year, as well as broke into the top-10 for the first time in her career.

Sakkari, who just recently broke into the top-10, is now enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 9 in the world. " “I think we’ve been very clever with scheduling and rest,” Sakkari said in Indian Wells, per Tennishead.

“Tom has been giving me a lot of days off during this year. Probably he could see more than I could that it was going to be a long season. “He was prepared and ready for that. It’s very good that we have that communication.

He lets me rest for three or four days after tournaments. He doesn’t get me back on court after a couple of days maybe like other players do. “I used to be a player who, if I took an extra day off, would think: ‘Oh no, I’m going to lose my timing, lose my momentum.’ But as I get a little bit older and more mature, I’m realising what’s good for me, what’s good for my body and my mentality."

Sakkari gives credit to her team

In 2021, Sakkari realized that caling off practices could be a good thing sometimes. “Having the right people around me made me realise that the things they are saying and the things we are trying to achieve wouldn’t be possible without a good schedule," Sakkari added.

“I just realised that rest is more important than practising sometimes and I shouldn’t panic if I don’t practise for one day. I’m not going to forget how to play or how to hit in one day." Sakkari is expected to make her WTA Finals debut in Guadalajara this year.