Bertolucci: "The GOAT? Roger Federer is Tennis, but Djokovic..."

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Bertolucci: "The GOAT? Roger Federer is Tennis, but Djokovic..."

The GOAT question is always at the center of the most talked topics among professionals and enthusiasts. A debate that has continued unabated in recent months and does not currently seem to find a 'symbolic winner' (but perhaps it is better this way, for everyone).

On the pedestal there are always the tennis players who have monopolized the entire discipline in the second millennium, with their talent and their great achievements: Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, who will finish the season all paired at 20 Grand Slam titles.

. 2021 was a year to be framed for the Serb, who came close to winning the four Slams (goal broken right on the most beautiful, in the final at the US Open), demonstrating how physically he can still manage seven matches at the best of 5 sets in two weeks and to be the best, surpassing even emerging young people under 25.

Bertolucci talks about the Big Three

For the remaining two, on the other hand, injuries (and advancing age) prevailed over the desire to achieve results. The Spaniard missed yet another triumph at Roland Garros, then missed the entire second part of the year.

The Swiss champion focused on Wimbledon, stopping in the quarterfinals, and returning under the knife with a knee problem. Paolo Bertolucci talked about - and exalted - the current and former world number one. According to him: "Federer is tennis, but the Serbian, in the version of 2013 and last year and a half, is the strongest player ever.

" Bertolucci said it in the interview with Corriere della Sera Veneto. Then the former Italian player said: "Nole and Nadal have an incredible and constant performance during matches that I would not be able to maintain even for five minutes.

I don't know how they do it, but I admire them for it. They are very respectful towards the fans: if you meet them, they stop to say hello and they also like to exchange words with you. Planetary champions are described here, not just tennis players. Like them I really don't know any other player so off the court."