Daniil Medvedev:Grigor Dimitrov played better against me than anybody did at US Open

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Daniil Medvedev:Grigor Dimitrov played better against me than anybody did at US Open

World No. 2 Daniil Medvedev said nobody played at the US Open against him as good as Grigor Dimitrov played against him at the Indian Wells Masters. In seven matches played at the US Open, Medvedev dropped just one set en route to winning his maiden Grand Slam title.

In the US Open final, Medvedev handed a straight-set defeat to world No. 1 Novak Djokovic. On Wednesday at the Indian Wells Masters, Medvedev picked up a shock loss to Dimitrov. Dimitrov was down by a set and two breaks before he recovered to beat Medvedev 4-6 6-4 6-3.

"About Grigor, I have not much to say. He played second part of the match better than anybody did against me in US Open that I won. So again, playing this level, I don't see him losing to anybody, but let's see the result," Medvedev said after the loss, per Chris Oddo.

Dimitrov also spoke highly of Medvedev

“He is such a tough player and competitor,” Dimitrov said in his on-court interview. “Over the past year, I have played him a few times and haven’t been able to find a way.

But today, I just felt something at 1-4 and I calmed myself down and started to take better decisions and started to control the pace of the game, which I really believed helped me. In the end it was just very solid and smart play”.

Dimitrov has had a couple of challenging seasons and making a big result in Indian Wells means a lot to him. "I am happy that I get the opportunity to play again at this level,” Dimitrov added. “There were lots of ups and downs and you never know what is going to happen, so I am really trying to be appreciative of the moment I get to be out here on the court and work and stay humble. That is the only thing you can control”.