Nicola Kuhn, 21, opens up on dark stage of his career

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Nicola Kuhn, 21, opens up on dark stage of his career

Nicola Kuhn, 21, admits he isn't particularly happy with the way his career started but he is determined to make it all right and make himself a good career on the Tour. Kuhn, ranked at No. 257 in the world, enjoyed success as a junior, reaching the final at the French Open and winning the 2017 French Open boys' doubles title.

"As we always say, the results of a tennis player are the mirror of the life they lead outside, everything goes hand in hand. In my case, there were many things on the court that did not go as well as I expected, I still have a lot of work to do.

Off the courth I ave had to work on many other things, but this is a lifelong process. I honestly think I've made more mistakes on the court than off," Kuhn told Punto de Break.

Kuhn battled depression

"I have never had any doubts as to whether I am good or not, but I have not believed it either.

I have had moments where I have not had a good time on the court, moments of seeing everything very dark, even thoughts of believing that tennis was not for me," Kuhn revealed. Kuhn, a former world No. 174, believes he has the potential and he wants to work hard and improve every day.

"I am a player who thinks that he can do anything, from any side of the court, defend, attack or go up to the net. Putting all these things together, now my goal is to become a solid player who, as soon as he steps on the court, becomes a very aggressive player.

In recent tournaments we have begun to see the changes, as in the match with Albert Ramos in Poland, although it does not work every day. The idea of ​​playing is already there, now I have to develop it every day," Kuhn noted. Kuhn played at this week's Alicante Challenger, where he lost to Fernando Verdasco in the first round.