Dominic Thiem reveals why he fired his long-time physiotherapist Alex Stober

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Dominic Thiem reveals why he fired his long-time physiotherapist Alex Stober

Austrian tennis star Dominic Thiem wasn't happy with how physiotherapist Alex Stober handled his recovery from his wrist injury and he decided to fire the physiotherapist. Thiem suffered a wrist injury at the Mallorca Open in June and he ended up calling it a season in August.

After working with Stober for six years, Thiem decided to end their partnership. Stober then went public and called out Thiem, claiming the Austrian didn't "have the courage" to tell him in face they were splitting.

“There have been a few mistakes of course. My mistake, why this also happened through the media, was that I didn’t call him. I’m also not the type of person who calls the same or the next day and then discusses all the problems for hours," Thiem told Sky Sports Austria.

Thiem was disappointed by Stober's action

“He also didn’t give me a chance to call because he then gave me the slap through the media. Of course I was disappointed. But I definitely want to say that because the whole time was too tgood for that," Thiem continued.

In late September, Thiem revealed "an unfortunate mistake in recovery process" led to him not playing any more events in 2021. "Unfortunately as you all know, I picked up a freak injury in the build up to Wimbledon.

I worked hard with the wrist specialists and my team to agree the best recovery plan. In hindisght, during this recovery process, an unfortunate mistake resulted in me missing not only the US Open, but ultimately the rest of the season."

Stober insisted to Thiem that he would be ready for the US Open. “[Stober] said the US Open shouldn’t be a problem at all. I then gave up much too early. Then the other forms of therapy went a little wrong. I played for a week and a half and then it happened again. That the tape hops out again," Thiem revealed.