Coach: Opponents know they are in for long day when they play Cameron Norrie

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Coach: Opponents know they are in for long day when they play Cameron Norrie

Coach Facundo Lugones insists opponents know they are in "for a long day" when they meet Cameron Norrie. Lugones and Norrie have worked since 2017 and the Briton has made a notable progress since the beginning of their partnership.

"They know if they’re playing him they’re in for a long day,” said Lugones, per Tennishead. “When you’re against a guy who shows up every single day, a lot of players are not ready for that.

They know they have to dig deep to beat him. “He has the ability to play every single point and not take one point off. That takes people to a place mentally and physically where it is uncomfortable and not easy to perform, and then they start playing worse”.

Norrie enjoying the best season of his career

This season, Norrie has made five ATP finals and captured his maiden ATP title in Los Cabos. "I'm going and just playing, and I think a big part of that is on my serve.

I'm hitting the spot better in the bigger moments and being able to play on my terms in the bigger moments," said Norrie. "All the way through this year I have been playing great in big moments, and I have come good a lot of the time.

I know I've got that in the bank, and there is a good chance throughout the year I have been doing it, so I have the confidence to do it again." Norrie, who could break into the top-20 on Monday, aims to become world No.

1. “The goal is to keep getting better and get towards world No 1,” Norrie said. “I have obviously got a long way to go but that’s the goal for me. It’s been a lot of fun this year and I am feeling good and ready to keep pushing for more.“I just want to keep the momentum every week, keep enjoying my tennis, keep enjoying playing at this level. It’s nice to show this level at these events and the Slams."