Tommy Haas explains what makes Indian Wells 'fifth Grand Slam'

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Tommy Haas explains what makes Indian Wells 'fifth Grand Slam'

Former world No. 2 Tommy Haas has tried to explain what makes the Indian Wells Masters the fifth Grand Slam. Indian Wells is one of the most popular destinations on the Tour as players enjoy returning to "tennis paradise" every year.

Haas, a former four-time Grand Slam semifinalist, now serves at the tournament director in Indian Wells. "I think from a player’s point of view, when you’re traveling close to 36 to 40 weeks a year, you always look for these kinds of things that make life a little bit easier, right? I mean, you come here, the weather is pretty much perfect every day.

You can pretty much guarantee if you want to practice at 9 a.m. or at four in the afternoon, you’re gonna have sunshine and perfect conditions. All the hotels are pretty close by, you don’t have too much traffic. The restaurants are close by as well, if you do want to go into Palm Desert on El Paseo."

Haas told Boardroom.

Haas thrilled to have men and women play at the same time

Indian Wells resemebles Grand Slams in the fact that both men and women play at the tournament simultaneously. "There’s also the help of Larry Ellison, who has a great vision and looks to make this an overall great experience for everyone involved, not just for the players but the fans too.

You can have a snack at NoBu on Stadium 2 while you’re watching some tennis. You can go to Spago at Stadium 1, watch some tennis, and possibly even have Wolfgang Puck serve you some schnitzel or a nice dessert. That really speaks to a venue that I don’t think exists anywhere else in the world, no matter what sport you look at," Haas continued.

"The best product that we have in tennis is having the men and the women play at the same time, just like the grand slams. It’s tennis paradise."