Joao Sousa blasts ATP over prize money distribution

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Joao Sousa blasts ATP over prize money distribution

Former world No. 28 Joao Sousa has called for the ATP to make some changes in money distribution as he believes the lower-ranked players aren't fairly paid. Sousa, 32, is now ranked at No. 182 in the world but he has earned $7,340,832 throughout his career.

"Look, the other day I was talking about it with some ATP officials and I told them that it was unthinkable that, today, a guy who is 200th in the world does not earn a living from tennis. Right now, a world No. 200 can perfectly beat world No.

60, that's how it is. When I played the Challengers, ranked around No. 70, I still had to play against No. 110 and I knew I was going to beat him. I was a typical player that was beating those who he was supposed to beat and losing to those to who I was supposed to lose.

And from time to time, I pulled off some surprises," Sousa told Punto de Break.

Not a surprise that Sousa is calling for changes

When the Tour got suspended due to the pandemic, world No. 1 Novak Djokovic proposed to top players to contribute from $5,000 to $10,000 but his initiative never saw the daylight.

The money gathered was planned to be distributed to the lower-ranked players and Sousa was one of the players that supported the initiative. "It is an idea that came from Djokovic, who is the leader of the ATP Players Council.

He contacted us via WhatsApp," Sousa said at the time. "It's a good idea. For my part I am available to help. There are some criteria that have to be well analyzed." Sousa is past his prime but he doesn't want to find any excuses.

"Losers will always find excuses, while winners will find their way to victory. That is the reality, the big difference. Even if things go wrong for you, your task is to find a way to win. What counts is winning, whether it's playing pretty, ugly," Sousa noted.