Holger Rune blasts ATP for 'unfair' adjusted pandemic rankings

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Holger Rune blasts ATP for 'unfair' adjusted pandemic rankings

Rising Danish star Holger Rune is not a fan of the adjusted pandemic rankings as he believes that he has deserved to be a top-100 player. Rune, now ranked at No. 124 in the world, says he would be ranked at No. 62 if the rankings were counted traditionally.

"You know guys that I am a hard working man and I normally never complain," Rune said in an Instagram post. "This year I have fought very hard to achieve my goals becoming top 100. Atp has continuously made it very difficult for me and many other young upcoming players because they have had a frozen ranking from 2019 meaning players on the atp ranking still have their points from results made in 2019.

No matter their results in 2020 and 2021. Looking 2 years back on the normal ranking I would today be ranked 62 in the world and not 124. Does it matter ? Yes when you are ambitious and hard working it matters to get your reward.

With that ranking I would be able to enter better tournaments and I would feel that my hard work payed off. I feel tired and angry now because I think the system is unfair. I love my tennis but we have to compete on equal conditions."

Rune has high ambitions

Rune, the 2019 French Open boys' singles champion, is looking up to the Big Three and he wants to become the best player in the world. “My dream is not to be top 20 but to be the best player in the world like Rafa, Roger and Novak and to win lots of Grand Slams and to do as well as I can.

I think I have great potential, I have a great team that helps me and that I trust and I think that's one of the most important things. It's a long way but I'm ready to walk it," Rune said. Rune faced world No. 1 Novak Djokovic at this past US Open and pushed the Serb into four sets.