Ons Jabeur: I was jubilant after seeing tennis legends tweet about me

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Ons Jabeur: I was jubilant after seeing tennis legends tweet about me

New world No. 8 Ons Jabeur admitted she was positively surprised when Andy Murray, Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King tweeted about her. Jabeur has been one of the best stories on the Tour this year as this Monday she became the first-ever Arab tennis player male or female to break into the top-10.

Tunisian tennis star Jabeur is enjoying the fruits of her hard work as she is enjoying the best season of her career at the age of 27. Jabeur's season didn't go unnoticed as Murray, Navratilova and King, as well some other tennis stars, gave her recognition on Twitter.

“It means a lot. I honestly did not expect Andy Murray or Navratilova or Billie Jean King to tweet about me. It’s unbelievable,” Jabeur said, per Arab News. “It just shows how important it is to me to achieve this.

Being recognized by legends, honestly, it just gives me even more the power to work harder and be like them one day maybe, a Grand Slam champion”.

Jabeur's path wasn't an easy one

"It is much different to come from my country than being American or French or Australian.

They have not just the example of seeing players playing in front of you, more tennis clubs, even more tournaments, let's say," Jabeur explained. "I've been rejected by sponsors because of where I come from, which is so not fair.

I didn't understand why before. I accepted it. I dealt with it. I am really proud of the person I became today, just not relying on others. "Everybody had probably a difficult career. I'm not saying I have the most difficult one.

I just wanted to really do this. It's my dream. I didn't want to depend on a sponsor or someone who doesn't even care about tennis or doesn't even care about sport in general. It gave me the courage to continue and achieve my goals, and I'm in Top 10 today."