Victoria Azarenka on Ons Jabeur: Dream player to play, I'm big fan and she is amazing

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Victoria Azarenka on Ons Jabeur: Dream player to play, I'm big fan and she is amazing

Former world No. 1 Victoria Azarenka has an extremely high opinion of Ons Jabeur as she revealed that the Tunisian is her "dream player to play." Jabeur, 27, is enjoying the best season of her career and she has been one of the best stories on the Tour in 2021.

Jabeur, who has made three finals this year, captured her maiden title this past June in Birmingham. Last week, Jabeur made the Indian Wells Masters semifinal and this Monday became the first Arab player ever to break into the top-10.

“She’s my dream player to play. I’m such a huge fan of her. I think she’s amazing. The history that she’s making in the part of the world where sports are not necessarily that accessible; I just can’t wait to see how much further she can go," Azarenka said of Jabeur, per Arab News.

“Obviously she’s an incredible player. The improvement she has done throughout, I wouldn’t necessarily only talk this year, but the last couple years, to really step up her game, improve her fitness level.

I’m a huge fan. I’m just fan-girling here completely,” Azarenka added.

Azarenka stressed the importance of speaking about mental health

In Indian Wells, Azarenka underlined the importance of mental health as she said that it should be taken seriously as much as physical health is.

"I think the world is changing their perception of what mental health is. We have that empathy when we see somebody who is physically hurt and you can go, 'Oh', and feel a certain emotion, emphatic emotion towards somebody," Azarenka said.

"Mental health is something that is invisible. I think it is as strong, as powerful as any physical health. Hopefully there will be a lot more tools out there how to cope with this, how to deal with this. Yeah, I mean, awareness is really, really important."