Eugenie Bouchard reveals her tennis friendships

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Eugenie Bouchard reveals her tennis friendships

In a recent discussion with Steve Weissman, Eugenie Bouchard talked about her friendships, especially those she cultivates and she has cultivated in the world of tennis. Among other things, Genie has mentioned various names and it has not gone unnoticed that most of her friendships are about American tennis players.

She said: "I love all the tennis players I went to tennis school with, so obviously these are the ones I met in America." Bouchard said she had a great friendship with the tennis player Shelby Rogers: the two did not see each other for some time but as told in the transmission by Eugenie, they immediately embraced each other with great affection when they saw each other again.

In addition to her and Rogers, among her other friends, Bouchard revealed that she has a great relationship with Sloane Stephens: "When I saw Shelby here it was a long time since I hadn't seen her, it was great to see her again and we immediately hugged.

I've known her since I was 12. In addition to her, I also have a great relationship with Sloane Stephens."

Eugenie Bouchard reveals her tennis friendships

Eugenie Bouchard should be back on the court very soon but she will have to undergo a long rehabilitation given the umpteenth absence of her and a stop that has gone on for over four months.

From the tennis player who did very well at Wimbledon years ago, everyone is now waiting to know how and when she will return to the WTA Tour. In the past she was as strong as she was beautiful and the fans are still hoping to see the former number 5 in the world, the Canadian Eugenie Bouchard, on the field.

The tennis player in recent years has experienced several ups and downs mainly due to injuries and she has not played since June 2021 where she suffered a bad shoulder injury. In recent times Eugenie has worked as a Match analist for the American Tennis Channel and her last tournament was the Monterrey Open where she came out in the first round of the tournament.