Ex-coach reveals what led to Cameron Norrie's huge 2021 season

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Ex-coach reveals what led to Cameron Norrie's huge 2021 season

Ex-coach Jame Trotman believes Cameron Norrie benefited from time away during the pandemic since that gave him an opportunity to rethink where he was at his game and that he needed to change and improve. Norrie, 26, is enjoying the best season of his career as he has made six finals in 2021 and won two titles.

This past Sunday, new world No. 15 Norrie captured his maiden Masters title after beating Nikoloz Basilashvili in the Indian Wells final. "He was looking to play more aggressively,” Trotman told i News of Norrie’s shift in training.

“He was working on his returns, he wanted to take the initiative in the point more and more. “And I think for him [lockdown] worked as a period of time to almost try to ground himself: ‘Okay, I’ve done well so far, I’ve got one shot at this, I’m 24, 25, what am I gonna do from here?’” “I think Cam [Norrie] has matured a lot.

People mature at different ages. He’s really taking ownership of his tennis and the importance of all aspects. “Whether it be the mental side or the physical side, which he has always been great at, nutrition, managing his team”.

Norrie went for everything he wanted

"He seems to have said ‘this is my career and I’m going to really grab it with both hands’,” Trotman added. “I think there’s been a kind of a maturity step-up for him for sure in the last 18 months”.

Norrie admitted he was in disbelief after winning Indian Wells. “It means so much to me, my biggest title. I’m so happy. I can’t even describe it right now,” Norrie said in his on-court interview. “It was a strange match today but absolutely massive for me and my team.

I can’t really believe it. If you’d have told me I’d have won before the tournament started I wouldn’t have believed you, so it’s amazing”.