Gael Monfils: I will never stick only to tennis, I have other hobbies

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Gael Monfils: I will never stick only to tennis, I have other hobbies

Former world No. 6 Gael Monfils has acknowledged that he will never only stick to tennis as he has other hobbies and he wants to learn other things. Monfils is commited to his career but he has underlined that he also has a life outside of tennis.

“People sometimes say, 'You play tennis, so stick to tennis.' Yes, I am a good tennis player, but I have hobbies. They want to put us in a box, but for most of us we can become great at other things as well.

The most important word for me is 'discipline'," Monfils told L'Equipe. “I know I have my 6–7 hours of training a day, so I organize my life around that. I take discipline from my parents. My parents always taught me to pursue my passion, but also to let go, to see that life is good if you are curious and want to learn.

People see me as a showman, which is great and that's who I am, but they forget that (the athletes) are human beings with emotions and families."

Monfils in a solid form

Monfils made a slow start to the season but he is now ranked at No.

19 in the world and he is coming off a couple of solid results. Recently, Monfils made the Metz semifinal and ended runner-up in Sofia. On October 22, Monfils is set to play at the Tie Brek Tens Dubai. “This is such a great addition to the Dubai sporting calendar and we’re really excited to see some of the world’s best players come to showcase this exciting game.

Tennis fans will enjoy the game as they’ve not seen it before here and I’m confident the sport will attract some new fans as they enjoy this fast-paced evening of sporting fun," Tie Breaks Tens tournament director Jimmy Poon said after Monfils was announced for the tournament.