Fabio Fognini: Jannik Sinner was wrong not to play at Tokyo Olympics

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Fabio Fognini: Jannik Sinner was wrong not to play at Tokyo Olympics

Italian tennis star Fabio Fognini thinks that Jannik Sinner made a big mistake in not representing Italy at the Tokyo Olympics. Sinner, 20, had a chance to make his Olympic debut this past summer but he declined. Fognini, 34, gladly accepted to represent Italy at the Tokyo Olympics and he made the round-of-16 before losing to world No.

2 Daniil Medvedev. Instead of playing at the Tokyo Olympics, Sinner went to the United States to play at the Atlanta Open. At the Atlanta Open, Sinner was beaten in the round-of-16. However, Sinner appeared at the Citi Open the following week and won the title.

"In my career, I made a lot of mistakes and when I did, I always asked for forgiveness. It is also true that I always say what I think, for better or for worse. For me, Sinner was wrong not to play at the Tokyo Olympics. He made a decision and then it had consequences.

And I think he has a team that advised him to do it and he listened," Fognini told RTL Italia.

Sinner was called out by Corado Barazzutti

Former Italian Davis Cup team captain was irate after Sinner announced he would not be representing Italy at the Tokyo Olympics, Barazzutti suggested that Sinner doesn't respect and believe in certain values.

"It is impressive to see 34-years-old Djokovic excited to participate in the Olympics. Sorry to see 20-year-old Sinner mortifying the highest competition in the world as values. Which no athlete without physical problems would give up for anything in the world.

Especially at the first participation. Sinner has already given up on the Davis Cup twice. Obviously, if you do not believe in certain values, if certain principles are not valid, it is better to stay at home. Too bad for Jannik a more wrong choice was never made.

Too bad for Lorenzo Musetti. Registrations are closed and he will not be able to replace him," Barazzutti said in July.