Mark Petchey on Emma Raducanu's US Open victory: Stuff of dreams, it's movie-making

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Mark Petchey on Emma Raducanu's US Open victory: Stuff of dreams, it's movie-making

Former British tennis player Mark Petchey described Emma Raducanu's US Open run "the stuff of dreams." Raducanu, 18, captured her maiden Grand Slam title after winning 10 matches at the US Open to become the first qualifier in tennis history to win a Grand Slam.

“I knew she was a good player, I knew she was going to be Top 50 fairly soon, but did anyone think she was going to win a Slam from qualifying – no,” Petchey said, per Tennishead. “I think it’s off the charts.

It’s the stuff of dreams, it’s movie-making. Usually there’s this step-by-step, and preparing for this moment. It’s very unique."

Petchey tips Raducanu to work with a lot of coaches

After winning the US Open, Raducanu split with her coach Andrew Richardson so she could find a more experienced coach.

“I’d love to have someone with great experience right now by my side so if any experienced coaches are out there looking, you know where to find me,” Raducanu said after losing to Aliaksandra Sasnovich at Indian Wells.

Raducanu's decision to fire her coach after winning the US Open came as a surprise. "Especially when dealing with something so unique as an 18-year-old who’s won a Grand Slam and also wants to have a good conversation,” Petchey said.

“And I think, to be honest, that Emma will go through a lot coaches during her career. “Because she will take what she needs from someone and she will find someone else who will be good for something else. She’s very proactive about the way she wants to build her game.

“People need to understand that there will be a lot of collaborations during her career, rather than the ‘hiring’ and ‘firing’ of a coach. It feels so personal, and people need to stop getting hung up on hiring and firing”.