Camila Giorgi: "I haven't friends on the Tour. About Djokovic and vaccines..."


Camila Giorgi: "I haven't friends on the Tour. About Djokovic and vaccines..."

She is the Italian number one and for some time she has kept this result intact, yet there are many who think that in the world of tennis that Camila Giorgi can do much more. The current number 35 in the world, engaged in Spain in the Tenerife tournament, talked to the Punto de Break microphones about many issues.

She said: "I am very happy with my career so far and if this were my last tournament I would be happy. I think I did my best, I did everything I had to do and I honestly think it was good. Number one in the world? Well, you must never set limits (she smiles).

The women's circuit is extraordinary, it's nice that there are more tennis players able to get the final victory and I think this gives more opportunities and makes it more fun."

Camila Giorgi on friends in the Tour and on the vaccine

On her friendships, Giorgi continues: "On the WTA Tour the atmosphere is very good but my real friends do something else.

It's nice that they do other types of work, so we talk about tennis.
When I finish training and go out with them we talk about other things, other projects and other things and I like it. They are all artists and as soon as we can we organize ourselves to see museums.

Friends on the Tour? No, we compete with them but I still think there is a good relationship between us. I love to talk to everyone and in any case I have some friends. The vaccine situation in Australia? I am vaccinated and have no problems.

Already this year there were many restrictions and I believe that in 2022 this will be more organized. Djokovic? I honestly don't know what his position is, neither his nor that of the others. The important thing is that I will be there." In the first round of Tenerife Camila beat the Spanish Bolsova after a great battle lasting almost three hours and defeated 6-4 in the third set. In the next round she will face (in these minutes) the tennis player Kovinic.

Camila Giorgi