Alexandrova against Australian Government: "They took too drastic measures"


Alexandrova against Australian Government: "They took too drastic measures"

In these hours, confirmations are raining and the Australian Government's choice to limit entry to Australia to vaccinated athletes only falls back into the world of tennis where the situation promises to be very drastic.

World number one Novak Djokovic, although he has not confirmed whether he has been vaccinated or not, is in strong doubt for the Australian Open 2022 and many athletes are at risk after this decision. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews has now made it clear that this decision appears unshakable by using the fateful phrase: "The virus does not look at how many Grand Slams you have," and actually warning Nole.

Tennis player Ekaterina Alexandrova, number 37 in the world, has criticized these measures saying that they appear too drastic. Alexandrova is former number 25 in the world and she will still participate in the Australian Slam since she has been vaccinated for some time but she still wanted to comment on this much discussed story.

Alexandrova's words on the Australian question

The tennis player said: "I think these measures are too drastic. Vaccination is a voluntary thing, people have to decide for themselves and having people lead you to make that choice is really difficult.

This doesn't concern me, I got vaccinated of my own free will immediately after the Olympics and so I don't think I'll have any problems." From Alexandrova to tennis players like Rublev and Djokovic, many have questioned these rules but apparently the organizers cannot change their minds in the face of government decisions and there is curiosity about how the whole situation will be handled.

Alexandrova also revealed the symptoms she received immediately after having the vaccine: "For three days I didn't feel well, I was tired and I felt all sore, but I didn't have a fever. The arm hurt too, but fortunately after three days things went well." In a couple of weeks at the most, as confirmed by Novak Djokovic himself to Bild, there will be more clarifications on the rules and it will be understood if anyone really risks not being able to play the first Grand Slam of the year.