Alexander Bublik explains why he would never go on desert island with Andrey Rublev

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Alexander Bublik explains why he would never go on desert island with Andrey Rublev

Top-ranked Kazakh tennis player Alexander Bublik has explained why he would never go on a desert island with Andrey Rublev and why Benoit Paire would be his pick. Last year, Bublik was asked with which player he would like to spend time on a desert island.

Back then, Bublik said he knew it would not be world No. 5 Rublev. Bublik considers Rublev too serious and hard-working, while Paire is the complete opposite. "It would have been tough with Andrey for sure (laughter).

He is a very hard-working guy and that is probably what makes him a great player. With whom would I want to be? With Benoit Paire, we would have had a lot of fun together. Once we spent six hours waiting for a transit flight in Chicago, we were flying from Cincinnati to Toronto.

I must say that those six hours just flew by only thanks to Paire and his special vibe. With him I would have had a good time even on a deserted island," Bublik said, as revealed by Ravi Ubha.

Bublik, Rublev suffered early exits in Moscow

Bublik lost to Ilya Marchenko in the Moscow first round, while Rublev lost to Adrian Mannarino in his Moscow opener.

Shortly after the loss to Mannarino, Rublev had to play doubles but he was far from his best as he felt "depressed and devastated." "Oh for sure [it affected me]. I couldn’t play doubles at all. It was played by Karen on his own,” said Rublev.

“I was completely devastated, emotionless, depressed and in bad thoughts. I pulled everything down, and Karen pulled it out." Rublev acknowledged that he will have to work on the mental part of his game. “For now, I would say the mental part,” said the Russian.

“I think this is the main [thing] in my case, because the players who are better than me, they know how to manage all these moments much better than me."