Zizou Bergs: I took job at Lidl during Tour suspension

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Zizou Bergs: I took job at Lidl during Tour suspension

Belgian tennis player Zizou Bergs didn't want to just sit at home and wait for the Tour to resume so he took a job at Lidl during the Tour suspension. In mid-March of the 2020 season, the ATP suspended the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time, Bergs was ranked outside the top-500 and he couldn't afford to simply sit at home and do nothing. Since the Tour resumed, Bergs' game took a step forward and he is now ranked at No. 191 in the world. "When you are No.

530 and you can no longer even practice your sport, it's hard! But I'm not someone who just stands by and waits for it to pass. I found myself working at Lidl, putting products on the shelves. Then, with my mother, we started making masks that I was distributing to people by bike, sometimes I was eight hours on my bike!

And it was during that period that we decided with my coach, Bertrand Tinck, to change my forehand. So yes, I can say that I took advantage of that moment to become a better player, a better person! I am also involved in a project in Burundi where I send shoes, sports clothing, etc, to help local young people through a Belgian that I know there," Bergs told Sudpresse, as revealed on We Love Tennis.

Bergs won the Tie Break Tens Dubai

Bergs has won around $153,000 in tournament prize money so far in his career. Last Fruday, Bergs won the Tie Break Tens Dubai and collected $500,000 for his win. "It’s actually unbelievable,” Bergs said.

“I didn’t know much about Tie Break Tens—we’re used to playing long matches, which can be a little tense sometimes at the end but this is tense all the time! It’s fantastic for the crowds and a great part of the process of becoming a great tennis player as well”.