Belinda Bencic: I love to look at my medals when I walk past them in my house

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Belinda Bencic: I love to look at my medals when I walk past them in my house

Swiss tennis star Belinda Bencic reveals she figured out what to do with her medals from the Tokyo Olympics. Last month, Bencic admitted she was struggling to find a suitable place for her medals from this past Olympics. Bencic won gold medal in the singles competition, while she captured silver medal in the doubles competition alongside Viktorija Golubic.

"I found a nice place,” Bencic told the Billie Jean King Cup website. “I have framed the medals and put a t-shirt from the Olympic Games and some photos inside. “It is something very nice to have within our house and my boyfriend and I love to look at it when we walk past.

It is a really nice memory and looking at the gold medal is just so special. Those goosebumps are definitely still there”.

Bencic hopes to lead Switzerland to success

Top-ranked Swiss player Bencic is looking forward to representing her country at the upcoming Billie Jean King Cup.

"This is a very important event at the end of the year,” said Bencic. “Sometimes you finish the year with some smaller tournaments, but this is a real highlight and I definitely want to make it a very strong end to the season.

“We have waited a long time for the Billie Jean King Cup Finals and I am super-excited. I am very happy with the new format, it sounds very interesting and it is really a big deal. It is always very exciting when something new or rare comes around.

“And for sure, coming here to compete on behalf of Switzerland takes me back to the summer, especially now I have all these memories with Viktorija Golubic [who she won Olympic silver alongside in the women’s doubles].

“I feel so blessed to have shared everything with her and definitely both of us will remember this forever. We can also both bring this great energy from Tokyo to the Billie Jean King Cup team. “But it has always been the case with Switzerland that there is very good energy in Billie Jean King Cup.

If something happens, everyone is excited. It is a good feeling that we all have a great connection, even outside of the event. It’s not like we have to create it, it is there”.