Australian Tourism Minister: "Djokovic out of Melbourne? A shame"

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Australian Tourism Minister: "Djokovic out of Melbourne? A shame"

There continue to be several doubts about the methods and rules to be respected by tennis players to take part in the next edition of the Australian Open 2022, the first Slam of the season. The ban on unvaccinated athletes from not being able to obtain a visa to enter the oceanic territory and therefore not even to participate in the first Grand Slam of the 2022 season has ended in the spotlight: a problem for about 35% of the ATP circuit and 40 % with regard to the WTA.

However, many players have declared that they want to get out of the way and carry out the administration against COVID-19 at the end of the year, so as to be able to reach the AOs without particular bureaucratic difficulties.

Australian Tourism Minister: "It would be a shame if Djokovic..."

Among these are the names of Stefanos Tsitsipas and Andrey Rublev. Different speech for Novak Djokovic, whose ideas on inoculation have caused a sensation, who has already stated several times that he does not want to publicly announce whether he will soon receive the serum or not.

If not, the Serbian champion may not play the first Slam of the season. The Australian government has always remained on the position of not granting visas in the country to people not covered by two doses of the vaccine, but to allow entry in the face of a mandatory two-week quarantine.

Federal Minister of Trade and Tourism Dan Tehan commented on the issue in an interview with Sunrise. He said: "We have to use common sense. If we manage to bring in the tennis players, especially the best in the world, I think the right proposal is to have 14 days of isolation, rather than not allow them to play." Then he added and concluded on number one in the ranking: "Nole was an absolute supporter of the Australian Open and one of the greatest who has ever played at the event.

It would be a shame if a way is not found, so that he can come and defend. the title, which it has held since 2019." We also recall that Djokovic is the defendin champion of the Australian Open and, with 9 titles, the most winning player of the men's singles in Melbourne.