Gael Monfils reacts to being snubbed for Davis Cup Finals by Sebastian Grosjean

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Gael Monfils reacts to being snubbed for Davis Cup Finals by Sebastian Grosjean

French reporters wanted to know how Gael Monfils felt after being snubbed out of the selection for the Davis Cup Finals. Monfils is in a good form and he is currently the top-ranked French tennis player but France Davis team captain Sebastian Grosjean didn't nominate him for the Davis Cup Finals.

"Sebastien Grosjean and I had discussions about this, and he wanted me to recover. If there is a playoff in February, I'll be there. I'll be selected. I think that Sebastien has made his decision. We have had a lot of discussions, as he told you certainly.

He's the captain. He decided to let me recover, blow off some steam," Monfils explained.

A place has maybe opened for Monfils

Last week, Ugo Humbert -- who was nominated for the Davis Cup Finals bu Grosjean -- called ait season.

"Last few months were demanding, I unfortunately didn't succeed to come back on Tour despite all my determination and effort," Humbert said in a statement posted on his Twitter account. "At this point it's beter to take care of myself, to look forward to a great 2022 season, which is why I took the very hard decision to and my 2021 season.

"It's frustrating to retire from Bercy and the Davis Cup Finals this year, the kind of events I'm waiting for and I love the most. I wish all the best and a lot of success to all the French team! "I would like to thanks my whole team: my coaches, my family, loved ones and sponsors fpr this season and their daily support.

There will be better days, looking forward to seeing you in 2022, Ugo." When asked if Humbert ending his season opened a Davis Cup Finals spot for him, Monfils wasn't interested in sauinh too much. "I already answered. We're here to talk about the Paris Masters," Monfils said.