Alex Corretja: Miracle what Andy Murray is doing, everyone thought he was done

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Alex Corretja: Miracle what Andy Murray is doing, everyone thought he was done

Former world No. 2 Alex Corretja is amazed by what three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray is doing. Murray, a former world No. 1, has had two major hip surgeries since 2017 and he is playing with a metal hip. In 2019, Murray captured his first title since returning from two major hip surgeries.

At this past US Open, Murry pushed world No. 3 Stefanos Tsitsipas into five sets in the first round. "What Andy is doing is just a miracle,” Corretja told Eurosport. “We thought he was over and somehow he managed to be there again.

I'm very impressed by his efforts.

Corretja admits he thought Murray was done

Murray hasn't had a notable result at a Grand Slam after returning from two major hip surgeries. Corretja acknowledged that it's hard for Murray to recover after the best-of-five-set matches and he believes Wimbledon could be the Briton's best shot for a notable Grand Slam result.

“I think the best of three matches helps his game a little bit, and his routines and especially his recovery," the Spaniard said. "After a best of five, he might struggle a little bit. That's why maybe at the US Open he can play a good first round, second round, third round, but I'm not so sure how he can recover from that.

That's why in the important majors, it's not going to be easy for him. “But whatever he does is just unbelievable because honestly, from what we said and what we saw, we thought his career was over and he's still hanging in there fighting, winning good matches.

"I think if I were him, I would be targeting Wimbledon to be at my best because before that, it is not going to be easy, but if he has one last chance at doing something good in a Slam, it could be Wimbledon."