Taylor Fritz on his recent success: That cold-blooded feeling is finally back

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Taylor Fritz on his recent success: That cold-blooded feeling is finally back

Taylor Fritz, 24, insists it's evident in his results that he is playing with much more confidence now than it was the case two years ago. Fritz enjoyed deep runs in his last two tournaments played as he made the Indian Wells Masters semifinal before ending runner-up at the St.

Petersburg Open last week. "Anyone saw me two years ago, and the way I play now knows that I am playing with much more confidence and hitting tougher balls, using my weaponsso much more and finally playing the tennis I know I should have been playing for a long time.

It feels really good," Fritz said, per TENNIS magazine.

Fritz says his cold-blooded feeling has returned

Fritz, ranked at No. 29 in the world, claims he has no second thoughts or doubts anymore. "It feels incredible coming to the important key points of matches, no second-guessing or worrying about things—just show up and play my best, hit my best shots at these kind of moments.

That’s what I did when I was 17-18 years old, kind of coming up on the tour. That’s what made me a very good player when I was younger. That cold-blooded feeling is finally back," Fritz said. Fritz is still very young and he knows exactly what he wants to improve in his game.

"I'd like to still improve my serve, then have my forehand be even more reliable than it is now—more of a weapon, less errors on it,” Fritz said. "I've been working a lot on coming forward to net. I'd love to be able to finish more points at net, feel more comfortable with it, because I hurt people with my power, kind of back them up.

Coming to net can add another layer to my game. "Just improving the return, becoming stronger and faster, which I've been able to do over the past couple years. There's still a lot of room for improvement."