Vasek Pospisil accuses 'dirty' ATP of spreading lies about PTPA

Pospisil claims the ATP is doing everything it can to stop the rise of the PTPA.

by Dzevad Mesic
Vasek Pospisil accuses 'dirty' ATP of spreading lies about PTPA

Canadian tennis player Vasek Pospisil has suggested that the ATP is spreading lies to stop the rise of the PTPA. Pospisil and Novak Djokovic were the driving force behind the creating of the PTPA -- which has the goal to promote openness and justice across decision-making in tennis.

"There are some many conflicts. The games have been very dirty at the ATP. The things that I’ve heard them say about us and what we are trying to do and what we are doing in the background just all lies. The stuff I’ve heard, the PTPA are trying start their own tour, lies," Pospisil said, as quoted on Essentially Sports.

The PTPA has over 500 members. "They are saying that we are paying players to sign up with us. That’s just shows how scared they are of players having a say, having a voice…. They have completely monopolized the sport….

They have done an amazing job to maintain the control, and that has hurt the sport in a huge way," Pospisil claimed.

Pospisil, Djokovic determined to help players with the PTPA

The PTPA wants to help all the players and Djokovic hopes the organization will lead to a better unity between the players.

“Regarding Australia – to avoid speculation and assumptions, I am waiting for the official announcement to be released before I decide what I will do," Djokovic said, per Tennis Majors. "I am not thinking only of myself but of all the other tennis players.

We are colleagues, parts of a whole, we should be more united when it comes to important situations, but unfortunately that unity has not existed in the last 30, 40 years… We have now made the first step (with the PTPA), but there is still much to be done.

The unity between the players is not on the required level. If it was, we would deal with such situations much more easily”.

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