Pospisil against ATP: "They are afraid of PTPA and they lie"

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Pospisil against ATP: "They are afraid of PTPA and they lie"

It has now been more than a year since Novak Djokovic and Vasek Pospisil announced the birth of the Professional Tennis Players Association. Specifically, it is a new independent association of professional tennis players created to guarantee the recognition of the rights, especially at an economic level, to less fortunate players who are forced to fight every year to equalize the expenses.

The Serbian champion and the Canadian have gone from words to deeds in recent months and, according to research carried out by Sports Business Journal, the two have obtained the consent of 80% of the players who populate the ATP Tour.

The Association of Tennis Professionals, for its part, has never shown open attitudes towards the PTPA and on several occasions the two sides have reached a verbal confrontation.

Vasek Pospisil: "ATP is lying. They are afraid of the players."

The statements made by Vasek Pospisil on the podcast Behind The Racquet represent just one of the many chapters that will characterize the story. "It is a challenge. There is no question about this and we must not hide it or lie.

It is a project that we started with Novak, who has very little free time,"said the Canadian in the words quoted by OpenCourt. He added then: "It took us some time to elect the executives, because the organization needs people with deep knowledge.

of the sector. To be honest, the things the ATP has said about us are all lies. This shows how afraid they are that players will start to have a say in a sport that is currently monopolized." On the participation of the tennis players who populate the WTA circuit and on the future of the PTPA, Pospisil said: "We want them to participate and it is very important that are part of the PTPA.

I think our organization's goal, ultimately, is to become independent of the ATP and that could take two to three years." We'll see if the ATP responds to Pospisil's words in the coming weeks. Novak Djokovic, meanwhile, is playing the Paris Rolex Masters, and he also should play the ATP Finals in Turin.