Kimiko Date: "Naomi Osaka takes media duties too seriously!"

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Kimiko Date: "Naomi Osaka takes media duties too seriously!"

The events that have involved Naomi Osaka this season are now known to all. Especially since what happened after her triumph at the Australian Open. The young Japanese star, at the Roland Garros, due to the pressure received from the organizers of the tournament and the possible disqualification due to the decision to cancel the press conferences (she later revealed the mental health problems that are afflicting her), she decided to retire earlier of the second round match.

Osakacame back to the court in July at the Tokyo Olympics, in which she was also the torchbearer who lit the Olympic brazier. In the third round of the women's singles, however, she was defeated by Marketa Vondrousova for 1-6 4-6.

Later, the Japanese showed up in Cincinnati, where in the second round she was surprised by Jil Teichmann, who beats her 6-3 3-6 3-6. Naomi then shows up at the US Open, where she is the defending champion: in the third she was eliminated by eventual finalist Leylah Annie Fernandez.

In the next press conference, she announces that she wants to take a break from tennis.

Kimiko Date: "Naomi Osaka takes media duties too seriously!"

Kimiko Date, Naomi's countrywoman, in an interview with Number 1 Shimbun, talked about her countrywoman and her relationship di lei with media press-conference.

Date reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. She retired from professional tennis in 1996, but she announced hercomeback in 2008. She said: "Osaka and I have one thing in common. We rose up the rankings very suddenly and we weren’t really prepared for what it meant.

Her personality di lei is one that takes everything to heart in a serious way and I think this exacerbates the problems she ’s had. You can deal with the media in many ways; you can say everything to them, or a little bit or nothing.

I get the impression Osaka actually takes her media obligations too seriously. Maybe she thinks she has to answer all their questions and so she feels pressure that way. I really understand her feeling about her."