Patrick Mouratoglou explains how crowd presence impacts game

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Patrick Mouratoglou explains how crowd presence impacts game

Renowned tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou is thrilled to have the crowd back at tennis events as he suggests the presence of the crowd can positively impact a player's performance. "This year, the crowd is exceptionally loud and the ambiance is special in the tennis stadiums.

People are so happy to be able to attend sports event again. They play a big role supporting players and have a direct impact on their performance," Mouratoglou tweeted. This week, French qualifier Hugo Gaston thrived in front of his home fans at the Paris Masters.

On Thursday, the loud Parisian crowd guided Gaston to a surprise win over Carlos Alcaraz. “[The atmosphere] was incredible. Honestly, I have been playing tennis for this. It was actually incredible. It was really wonderful to live this match with them.

I actually won because they supported me from beginning to the end even when I had a letdown during the first or the second set, they were always cheering me. It's incredible to have such a great public," Gaston said after beating Alcaraz.

Alcaraz admitted the crowd helped Gaston

"It is never easy to play with the public against and yesterday it proved, I knew it would be difficult to deal with the atmosphere that existed but I could not imagine that it could be so heavy.

My first time in this situation was not easy for me, it hurt me a lot not to know how to deal with that pressure but like everything in life, we fall but we get up and move on, the most important thing is to learn from these situations and I am sure that I will come back stronger and with lessons learned;" Alcaraz wrote in an Instagram post after the match.

On Friday, Daniil Medvedev saved three consecutive set points in the first set before beating Gaston in two sets. “When [the atmosphere] is against you, you need to face it. You need to try to win no matter what. Even when it is against me, I think, 'Well, I will try to beat my opponent and the crowd' because there is no other choice. I am kind of happy about myself, but it was definitely a high-level match," Medvedev said after the match.