Pierre-Hugues Herbert: Don't know if I'll have enough time to get fully vaccinated

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Pierre-Hugues Herbert: Don't know if I'll have enough time to get fully vaccinated

France's Pierre-Hugues Herbert has revealed that he is not vaccinated and that he could skip the Australian Open. Herbert, 30, lost the Paris Masters doubles final with Nicolas Mahut on Sunday. Herbert has suggested that he is not against taking the vaccine but indicated the he might not have enough time to get fully vaccinated in time for the Australian Open.

“It's a bit complicated, because I personally am not vaccinated. And I don't know today if I'll have time to receive two doses and get fully vaccinated (by the time I should fly to Melbourne). Certainly the situation in Australia is not extremely open," Herbert said after losing the Paris Masters doubles final, per We Love Tennis.

Herbert has enjoyed success at the Australian Open

In 2019, Herbert and Mahut won the Australian Open doubles title to complete a Career Grand Slam as a team. A few days ago, ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi said the ATP won't be able to do anything if the Australian government bans unvaccinated players from competing in Australia.

“We have known for a few days that you cannot go to Australia if you are not vaccinated. That can still change but it is their tournament," Gaudenzi told L'Equipe. “If they decide to organise it with this rule, we can do nothing.

The problem is with the players who will not be vaccinated. “I cannot answer for him [Djokovic] but we hope that the government will authorise non-vaccinated players to play after two weeks in isolation. But that is a government decision above us.

“For Novak, it is a personal decision. But you have to think about the vast majority of players who are vaccinated and want to play. "The good news is that the percentage is increasing steadily. “We are already at 70 percent.

We hope to arrive at 95 per cent or 98 per cent in two months”. It remains to be seen if Herbert will play at Melbourne Park.