Anett Kontaveit: I didn't feel relief after winning Moscow and Cluj-Napoca

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Anett Kontaveit: I didn't feel relief after winning Moscow and Cluj-Napoca

World No. 8 Anett Kontaveit revealed she thought she would feel a relief and get a bit relaxed after winning Moscow and Cluj-Napoca but that didn't happen. Kontaveit captured back-to-back WTA titles in Moscow and Cluj-Napoca to earn the final place at the WTA Finals.

Kontaveit says she can't yet relax as she now wants to make a great run at the WTA Finals. "I thought after winning Moscow I'd feel some sort of relief. I thought after winning Transylvania, I would feel relaxed. But it hasn't happened," Kontaveit revealed, per WTA Insider.

"I feel I'm still in the zone of trying to keep doing as well as I can, focusing on the task at hand”.

Kontaveit beat out Ons Jabeur

Kontaveit was on a five-match losing streak between June and August but put up stunning two and a half months to make the WTA Finals.

Kontaveit beat Simona Halep in the Cluj-Napoca final to beat out Jabeur for the last spot at the WTA Finals. "Absolutely not. I have no idea what's going on [laughs]," Kontaveit told the WTA Tour. "I've just been trying to focus on each match, not try to think ahead.

Today I was really was focusing on what I had to do in the match. I knew I had a very difficult task in playing Simona. She's such an incredible player. "I thought it was such a longshot of reaching the WTA Finals. I really was trying to focus on what I had to do and that was the most important thing today." Kontaveit has won four WTA titles over the last two and a half months.

"I've really been on auto pilot and just doing it, trying my best each match. I've played so many matches when you look back on it and I've played some great tennis, but of course it hasn't been easy on the body. I've seen the physios every day this week, trying to recover as well as I can.

Maybe I'm doing it better than I was a couple of months ago, taking care of my body and making sure it's getting what it needs," Kontaveit said.