Marion Bartoli explains what it takes to win a Grand Slam


Marion Bartoli explains what it takes to win a Grand Slam

Marion Bartoli underlined that hard work is the key to winning a Grand Slam. Bartoli, a former world No. 7, captured her maiden and lone Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in 2013. After achieving her goal of winning a Grand Slam, Bartoli called it a career.

"Often I am asked the question: what does it take to win a Grand Slam? Well here is your answer in this video! It takes endless hours on the practice court with an open mind to try different training methods, waking up at 5 a.m.

when you have a match at 11 a.m. so you have time to do all your preparation (physical, mental, technical) for your match. Repeat the same movements over and over again until it becomes so natural that you can do it even in your dreams.

Fail over and over again but never fail to get up and try again It takes a lot to make a childhood dream come true but it is so worth it in the end!" Bartoli said in an Instagram post.

Bartoli, Stefanos Tsitsipas explained the same thing

A few days ago, Tsitsipas tried to explain what it takes to win a Grand Slam on the men's tour.

"The level is incredibly high. Every player from the top-10 can win a Grand Slam tournament. Tennis has evolved. It's become very physical. It's extreme in many ways. You have to pay attention to every detail," Tsitsipas told BILD Sport.

"Dominic Thiem is a good example. He put so much physical and mental energy into his win at the US Open. I watched every match of his there. It's very draining to beat the other good players. It sucks the energy out of your body.

The key is you have to win matches with less effort and save energy for the next match. Novak Djokovic has demonstrated this perfectly in recent years. And at the US Open, Daniil Medvedev showed it."

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