Maria Sakkari: Accepting ugly tennis could be key to winning WTA Finals

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Maria Sakkari: Accepting ugly tennis could be key to winning WTA Finals

World No. 6 Maria Sakkari said she feels "very proud" to become the first Greek women player ever to make the WTA Finals. Sakkari, who made two Grand Slam semifinals this year, earned a chance to compete at the prestigious season-ending event.

Sakkari is enjoying the best season of her career and she is now determined to make a deep run at the WTA Finals and finish her breakthrough season on the best way possible. "I’m very proud of myself and my team that we actually made it to the Finals for the first time, and for the first time in the history of Greece for a female tennis player," Sakkari said, per Tennis Up To Date.

Sakkari extremely motivated to do well in her debut

"It's great to be in that position. I really like the challenge and I really enjoy that I actually have a chance, because, yes, it might sound crazy for someone that has played the finals a couple of times or three or four times, maybe their motivation is not as high as it is for me, because let's be real it's my first time and it's a goal - it's something big for a tennis player, it is one of the best tournaments in the world and it is only eight players that get to play it," Sakkari admitted.

Sakkari suggested there could be pressure and she may not play her best tennis but she made it clear that she will try to do whatever gives her the best chance at winning. "I personally know I might not play my best tennis but I have to accept it because sometimes it will feel weird,” Sakkari said.

“Sometimes you’ll make mistakes that you wouldn’t make in sea-level tournament. “It’s just whoever accepts the most mistakes, whoever accepts playing ugly tennis this week — ‘ugly,’ you know what I mean — will give herself a better chance of winning the tournament”.