Will Smith: "Venus and Serena Williams cried during the movie"

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Will Smith: "Venus and Serena Williams cried during the movie"

Will Smith was recently a guest on Jimmy Fallon's Talk Show, to promote his new movie King Richard, which tells the story of the Williams sisters Serena and Venus and the relationship with their father Richard, the protagonist of the sporting growth of their daughters.

Smith said it was the worst two hours ever for him while watching the film by the American champions. The American actor, later revealing that: "It took me a long time to make all of this and I was hoping they liked it too.

Venus and Serena cried the whole time and loved it." The Hollywood star called terrifying the idea of ​​having to play a real person still alive knowing that she will see on screen how you play him. Smith then pointed out that the Williams sisters were excited to have a film based on their stories and that they would eventually assume the role of executive producers, accompanying the crew throughout the process, but that they did not make their name appear on the movie until they saw it.

Will Smith and Richard Williams' makeup

Regarding the character Smith played, Richard Williams, the actor denied the idea of ​​a father pounding his daughters, stated that: "sitting with Venus and Serena, with their sisters and with his wife, he was completely l 'opposite to.

A loving, caring and affectionate father." Smith also recounted an anecdote about a mind trick Richard used on his young daughters to make them play tennis, forbidding them from practicing it whenever they got into trouble.

"It aligned with what the daughters wanted more than demanding what he wanted for them. It was a good family story, " concluded Smith. The movie, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, was presented at the Telluride Film Festival on September 2, 2021 and will be released in US cinemas starting November 19, 2021, while it will be released in European cinemas from January 13, 2022. Of course it is the much awaited sporting movie of the 2021.